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 Weekly Wanderings

We are a group of motorcyclists from southwest Washington that like to ride at least once a week, usually on Tuesday.

Where will we go this week?

Here are the rides I have planned

The rides may change.  They may be cancelled or moved to a different day.  I may add rides as I see fit.


July 23

Out 14 and up to Glenwood and then Troutlake for lunch. A short ride to accommodate the planning meeting.
180 miles and a little over 4 hours riding time. Meeting at golden Corral due to construction on Hwy 14.
Golden Corral, KSU @ 0900


July 30

Thru Raymond to Arctic, then up to Montsano. Down thru Adna and Vader. A fairly long ride.
256 miles and about 7 hours riding time.
Gee Creek, KSU @ 0900


August 6

We will be going down to Estacada and NF 42 to cut across to 26 and on to Tygh Valley. Then up to the Dalles and home on 14.
255 miles and 5 1/2 hours riding time.
7-Eleven on Glen Widing, KSU @ 0900 


August 13

Heading west this time. Going through North Plains and over to Camp 18, and then up to Astoria and across and home on Hwy 4.
227 miles and 5 1/2 hours riding time.
99th St Transit Center, KSU @ 0900


August 20

Going East to Lyle and the Centerville Hwy and on to Glenwood. From there to Troutlake then back down to 14 and home.
230 miles and a little over 5 1/2 hours riding time.
Golden Corral, KSU @ 0900


August 27

This time we are going north. We will go to Castle Rock and back without touching the freeway.
134 miles and 5 hours riding time.
Fairground Chevron (179th), KSU @ 0900



Where will we go in September?


Email Larry: chapxwa@gmail.com